Location: Asian Side of İstanbul
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  • Marmaray
  • Fish Market
  • Şemsi Paşa Mosque
  • Moda Bay
  • Boat Ride
  • Mihrimah Sultan Mosque
  • Bird Houses of Yeni Valide Mousque
  • Tekke of Aziz
  • Mahmud Hüdai
  • Ayazma Mosque
  • Janissary Grave Stones 

    This tour will begin with hotel pick up from your hotels and drop you to one of the stations of MARMARAY in the European side of Istanbul. You will travel by your guide on this modern train.

    You will arrive in Üsküdar MARMARAY Station and have a walking tour of these charming Ottoman district, full of historic mosques and complexes. Following the walk – which takes about three hours – you will have lunch at a local restaurant and than take MARMARAY to continue to Kadıköy.

    Kadıköy is historically known as Chalcedon meaning the ‘City of the Blind.’ Our tour will begin with the historical harbor buildings of Kadıköy and will continue in the narrow streets of the famous fish market and a decent quarter of Moda. Visits to churches, mosques and mansions are also part of this tour. Following the tour you will take 20 minutes boat ride to cross the Bosphorus. At the European side, our transfer coaches will take you back to your hotel.