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DOLMABAHCE PALACE Built in the 19th century is one of the most glamorous palaces in the world. It was the administrative center of the late Ottoman Empire with the last of Ottoman Sultans was residing there. After the foundation of the Turkish Republic in Ankara, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk transferred all government functions to the fresh capital but on his visits to Istanbul Ataturk occupied only a small room at Dolmabahce Palace as his own. He stayed, welcomed his foreign guests and made a veteran center for national, historical and language Congress and international conferences. Dolmabahce Palace has a great meaning for Turkish people since the supreme leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had used the palace as a residence and spent the most severe period of his illness and he passed away in this palace on 10 the of November 1938 at 9:05 AM, all the clocks in the palace are stopped at this time. Later on, it was converted into a museum. It is wondered with a special sense of respect.

FENER ORTHODOX PATRIARCHATE The Orthodox Patriarchate is situated in Fener in the Church of St. George (Agios Georgios) in Istanbul on the Golden Horn area (Haliç). It is the highest religious see for the Orthodox population of the world today. The history of the Patriarchate during the Ottoman period dates back to the era of Fatih Sultan Mehmed. After Byzantium was conquered by Mehmed II in 1453, one of the first things the Sultan wanted to achieve was to reinvigorate the City, which would be the new capital of the Empire. Simultaneously with the immense efforts of construction, Christians, Muslims, and Jews from all over the Empire were being transferred to Istanbul for repopulation.

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  • Closed: Dolmabahce Palace on Monday and Thursday replaced with Beylerbeyi Palace.