Location: Istanbul
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  • Cercle D’Orient
  • British, French, Russian Embassies
  • Armenian & Greek & Catholic Churches
  • Galatasaray High School
  • Tünel
  • Galata Tower (from outside)
  • Kamondo Steps 

    Istiklal Street is the liveliest and the most colorful street of Istanbul. The street has been pedestrianized since 1988 and for over 150 years has been the center of the nightlife of the city.

    Hundreds of bars and clubs shake this downtown area in the evenings. During daylight, İstiklal is home to many historical embassy buildings, fancy hotels, apartment buildings, streets, theaters, restaurants, shops. Our tour begins in the heart of Istanbul – the Taksim Square.

    You will stroll along the exciting little side streets of Istiklal Street, sit in one of the intriguing coffee shops and talk with your guide, see the fantastic Embassy buildings, visit Armenian and Romaic churches, ancient districts, moving walkways and much more.

    In the Byzantine period, the hillside – where Galata is today – was covered with orchards and was named Sekai (The Fig Orchard), or Peran en Sykais (The Fig Field on the Other Side), referring to the “other side” of the Golden Horn.

    It was in the Byzantine period that the area began to be called Galata, and a fortress was built by Emperor Theodosius II. Galata was a Genoese colony from the 6th to 15th centuries. This walk is to the famous Galata Tower and covers the area, where we see many churches, synagogues, hospitals, bank buildings, ancient walls, schools. Stories, myths, and legends are a bonus from your guide.